Clark Hill/Clark Hill Strasburger BOLD™ is the firm's strategy

to promote women - within the firm, the legal profession,

and the global business community.



In the legal field, clients are power. The more an attorney demonstrates her ability to cultivate client trust, the more respected she is, the more powerful she becomes, the more change she can effect on behalf of her clients.

Clark Hill/Clark Hill Strasburger BOLD™ offers training programs that help women develop authentic methods of promoting their expertise to those that matter most.  



Our firm is proud that its governing infrastructure – Executive Committee, Industry Teams, Associate Development, and Diversity Committees – have long included the firm’s top female partners. 

Clark Hill/Clark Hill Strasburger BOLD™ is dedicated to continuing the development of fearless female leaders and expanding their influence within the firm.



The legal profession requires women attorneys to maintain a work-life balance that includes juggling billable requirements, marketing expectations, family responsibilities, social obligations, and personal development. 

Clark Hill/Clark Hill Strasburger BOLD features candid discussions about the reality and the reward of excelling as a skilled advocate in the legal field.